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Department of Public Health

Faculty of Behavior and Social Sciences

LAMAU offers the Bachelors degree programme in Public Health under the Faculty of Behavior and Social Sciences. This is a specialized public health programme for prospective public health practitioners. The Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health at LAMAU is designed to prepare Public Health professionals for various positions in the public and private sectors. Although the field of public health is highly varied and encompasses many academic disciplines, the following are the core disciplines in public health: Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Social and Behavioural Sciences, Environmental health, Health Services Planning and Administration (Health Policy Management), Reproductive Health (Family Planning/Maternal and Child Health)

The programme responds to the gap that exist in the field of environment/public health where the demand for qualified public health providers exceeds supply for well qualified practitioners. The programme aims to acquire:

  • Knowledge of the physical world and its behavior that is based on experiments and proven facts.
  • Competence in facilitation methods that allow learners to be educators of public health knowledge.
  • Lifelong learning skills and ability to respond to the changing environment in public health and develop themselves professionally
  • Ability to include to create an inclusive learning environment catering for diverse student’s needs.
  • Yamikani Yafeti
    HOD-Public Health Dept
    Email: yamikani.yafeti@lamau.edu.mw

    The Bachelor of Public Health Programme is well aligned with changes or emerging diseases. It is a four-year programme, covering eight academic semesters and six weeks of the semester at the end of the 6th semester is dedicated to students to undergo for hands on field practical sessions.

    Entry Requirements

    As per the study policy at LAMAU, this Programme allows for multiple entries and single exit. Those with MSCE and at least six (6) credits including Physical Science, Biology and Mathematics shall enter the Programme in year one. Those with a Diploma in public health; Environmental health or Community Health obtained from any accredited institution shall be admitted in year three of the Programme.

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