This serves to be a special notice to All LAMAU Students that the system has been upgraded and updated.
Every LAMAU student is required to register in the system via the student portal. The registration window is open from 19th February, 2024 to 29th February, 2024. The system shall automatically close the process of registration once the window of registration is off. We are all advised to register for two major reasons:

  • Data Collection for Higher Education Students Loans and Grants Board applications
  • To automate the process of registration

NOTE: To register, you MUST have paid 50% of your tuition fees for this semester and your Account Enrollment Status MUST be Active. Be advised that if your Enrollment Status is In Active, provide a notice to the ICT office.
For any Fees related queries, please do not hesitate to consult the Accounts office and for technical problems, consult the ICT office.
For New Students please contact the ICT Officer/Assistant registrar to get your access codes
Please make sure that your portal account is reflecting the right information to avoid any inconveniences!
For any inquiries, contact the ICT office via email to during work hours
All the best!

Author : admin on 22 Nov 2023 10:42 am