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LAMAU CCM Workshop

Quality guaranteed and affordable carpentry, wooden and joinery products

LAMAU with funding from different stakeholders also runs the the CCM carpentry and joinery workshop. The workshop is open to the general public during weekdays from 7:30AM to 04:30PM.

Customers are free to place orders at their convinient time. Depending on the quantity of the products, the workshop guarantees your work to be done in a short spin of time with an excellent and nourishing quality. Apart form that, the prices at our workshop are very affordable. Customers are required to pay a deposit of the agreed amount for the sake of assuarance before production of your merchandise. Don't waste your resources at carpentry workshops where their products are expensive and half-baked leaving you with regrets. LAMAU CCM Workshop is giving you the best offer and product quality you can get in the capital city. The workshop is located right within the premises of the university in area 47 Sector 2 in Lilongwe.

You can place your orders via email to worshop@lamau.edu.mw or via whatsapp to 0999 411 251.

Mr Wiseman Chiwowa
Workshop Supervisor
Email: wiseman.chiwowa@lamau.edu.mw

Available Services at the workshop

The LAMAU CCM workshop provides different services. Among them, you can place orders for:

  • Chairs
  • Desks
  • Tables
  • Classroom or office furniture
  • Home furniture
  • Any other customized furniture of your choice

  • Please view our catalog and some of our products below and for more details, please download our workshop catalog magazine from the link provided below

    Workshop Gallery and products
    Download the Workshop Catalog from here
    Workshop catalog